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Acuvue Oasys Contacts 12 pack Acuvue Oasys Contacts 1-Day Acuvue Moist Contacts 90 Pack
Acuvue Oasys (12 pack)
Your Price Elsewhere $78.95
Our Super-Low Price $67.50
Acuvue Oasys (24 pack)
Your Price Elsewhere $125.95
Our Super-Low Price $110.00
1-Day Acuvue Moist (90 pack)
Your Price Elsewhere $69.99
Our Super-Low Price $63.50
Acuvue Oasys Contacts FreshLook ColorBlends Contacts Biofinity Contacts
Acuvue Oasys (6 pack)
Our Price: $49.00
Sale Price: $34.00
FreshLook ColorBlends 6 pack
Your Price Elsewhere $49.95
Our Super-Low Price $41.95
Biofinity (6 pack)
Your Price Elsewhere $46.95
Our Super-Low Price $30.95

Shopping For Contact Lenses Online? You Have Come To The Right Place!

Welcome to Web Eye Store - the place thousands of contact lens wearers visit every month to buy their replacement contact lenses. Since 2007, Web Eye Store provided contact lens shoppers with low-cost, safe and reliable alternative. Yes, we have the lowest prices of all authorized contact lens sellers, and some of the most flexible Return & Exchange policies - but that is just one of the reasons why repeat customers constitute almost 50% of our volume. Read Less...

Why Choose Web Eye Store as Your Contact Lens Provider Online?

Web Eye Store is different from other online discounted contact lens retailers. Read Less...

At Web Eye Store , a licensed eye care professional will review your contact lens order and compare it with your prescription, to ensure that you get the right contacts. We will help you read and enter your contact lens script into our online order form, and will work with your eye doctor, optician or clinic as needed. And yet, you will receive your contact lenses right at your door or in the mail, at the cheap internet contact lens price which is often 30-40% lower than that at your doctor's office.

What You Need To Buy Contact Lenses Online

To buy contact lenses on the internet, whether soft disposable or rigid gas permeable (RGP), toric contacts for astigmatism, progressive or bifocal contacts for presbyopia, or even colored contact lenses, all you need is a valid contact lens prescription. Read Less...

Once you place an order for contact lenses with Web Eye Store , we will verify your contact lens prescription. We have to do it by law, and because we want to be sure that you are getting the lenses which are right for you. We will review your faxed or emailed contact lens prescription or will contact your doctor or vision care specialist to confirm. Just because you are getting your contact lenses cheaper does not mean that you have worry about your eye health and comfort. Even though our contact lens prices are low, the level of care which goes into each contact lens order is very, very high!

Tired Of Seeing Extra Shipping, Processing or Handling Fees At Checkout? So Are We!

With Web Eye Store , what you see is what you get! We will NEVER charge you any processing fees on contact lens orders over $99, which will SHIP FREE throughout the US, and even for the smaller quantities, all you pay is our low shipping costs which we tell you in advance. Read Less...

You know, we shop online too! And nothing gets us more upset than seeing those extra couple of bucks of "processing fees", "handling fees" or some other "we-hope-you-would-not-notice fees" added to the order total at the last minute. Suddenly, that "cheapest contact lens price" is not cheap at all once you factor in those hidden costs. And that's why we decided, once and for all, that we are not going to do that. So, when you get to the checkout page, you should not expect any surprises. When we promise you "free shipping" - it really is FREE, and when we advertise "low price contacts" - we really mean LOW. Isn't that how it should be?

Does Buying Discount Contacts Mean You Are Not Buying Best Contact Lenses?

The answer to that, sadly, is "sometimes" - but not with Web Eye Store ! We will sell to you THE SAME EXACT CONTACTS as you would get at your eye doctor's or optician's office - but for a cheap internet contact lens price. Read Less...

Brand-name contacts? - Check! Factory-fresh? - Check! Under manufacturer's warranty? - Check! Any substitutes or generics? - Never! We ship only authentic, factory-fresh, brand-name contacts by leading manufacturers, including Vistakon, CIBA Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Hydrogel Vision and CooperVision. We sell all popular contact lens brands such as Acuvue Oasys, Biomedics, SofLens, PureVision, Proclear, Focus Dailies, FreshLook, Extreme H2O, Clarity H2O including the hard-to-find toric (for astigmatism), color and bifocal/multifocal contacts or even custom order contact lenses. We are one of the very few authorized internet contact lens retailers and obtain our lenses either directly from the manufacturer (including Acuvue Oasys and all other Acuvue brands), or from the leading US distributors - the same places where your eye doctor or the local optical store get them. However, since we buy in greater quantities and have lower overhead than your eye care practitioner, we can deeply discount contact lenses we sell, and pass the savings on to you!

Can You Pay For Contact Lenses With FSA Or Get Insurance Reimbursement?

Yes, you can! Contact lens purchases for vision correction are qualifying expenses are the Flexible Spending Account rules. We are also a member of the ever growing number of vision benefit plans, and out-of-network provider for many others. Read Less...

If you want to use your Flexible Spending Account money to buy contact lenses online - check with your FSA plan administrator whether you have money available for the current tax year and obtain your FSA debit card. You can use it just as a regular credit or debit card to place a contact lens order with us. We also are part of Avesis and Coast to Coast Vision (CTC) provider networks. If you have a different vision care or health insurance plan which cover contact lens purchases, and if you plan allows out-of-network coverage, we will provide you with a detailed receipt and other paperwork needed to get reimbursed. Don't let those hard earned FSA money vanish!

How To Find Web Eye Store For Contact Lenses On The Internet

There are multiple ways you can search for Web Eye Store online, when shopping for contact lenses. You can go to one of the price comparison sites, or to one of our many affiliated eye care practitioners' sites, or simply type a right keyword into the search engine. Read Less...

We try to make our site come to the top of internet search when you type "buy contact lenses ", "discount contact Lens", "cheap contact lens", "contact lens orders", "buy contact lens online", "new york contact lenses", "NYC eye care","brand name contact lenses", "contact lens sellers", "toric contact lenses","contact lens sellers", "bifocal contact lenses", "acuvue oasys contacts online" or "contact lens retailers". Try one of these terms next time you need contacts, - or simply bookmark our site and come back soon!

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