Prescription Information
Your Prescription

What Do I Need To Order Lenses?
You only need a valid prescription!  As a new customer, all you need is register, present to us your prescription information, and wait a short while (see below) for us to verify your prescription, and we will ship your lenses to you!  If we already have your valid prescription on file, you can have your lenses shipped to you right away(subject to product availability).  As a general rule, prescriptions are valid for 1 (one) from the date of the exam.
Does Web Eye Store® verify all prescriptions? 
Yes. We verify all prescriptions for all contact lens purchases by every customer. 

Is Prescription Verification Necessary?

"Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act" of 2004 states that any time an Eye Care Provider (ECP) conducts a contact lens fitting, they must provide the patient with a paper copy of their prescription (whether or not the patient requests it).  This is done so that you could buy lenses through another contact lens seller, and not just from the original ECP.  However, under the Act, contact lens sellers must also verify that the patients have had a contact lens fitting with qualified ECP, and that their prescription has not expired.  If someone is offering to sell you contacts without verifying your prescription, they are committing a violation of the Act, and you should stay away from such seller.  
How will Web Eye Store® verify my prescription? 
We will call your ECP, or send him or her a fax or an email with your name, address, date of birth, details of your order and the parameters of your contact lens prescription as provided by you. When we speak with your ECP, or when your ECP responds to our fax or email, he or she will tell us whether your prescription as provided by you is correct and valid, and/or advise us on what the correct prescription is.  By the FDA rules, your ECP has eight business hours to respond.  If your ECP does not get back to us within the required timeframe, we will presume that your prescription as you have described it to us is correct, and will ship your order to you.  
What if I have my actual prescription form prepared by doctor faxed or emailed to Web Eye Store®? 
If you fax to our office at +1 (877) 233-8041 or email to a scanned image of your actual valid prescription form, we may be able to fulfill your prescription immediately.  Please be sure to quote your order number to us in your cover note or your email (you can find your order number on the confirmation screen upon placing it, in your confirmation email, or by logging into “My Account” section on our website). 
How do I obtain a copy of my prescription?  

You will need to visit your local eye care practitioner to get your contacts fitted.  If you need help locating one, please ask us for a referral, and we may be able to recommend you someone in your area.  Once you have this examination done, you will get a copy of your prescription which you then can send to us in order to complete your order. Make sure you request that your doctor presents you with a copy!  By law, he or she has a duty to provide you with a copy of your prescription free of charge, and cannot require that you purchase your lenses from them.