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Hunter, Oklahoma - 1st Order with WebEyeStore10-03-2014
Excellent experience! Will definitely use them again.
Erik, Arizona - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 10-01-2014
Overall service was good. shipping was prompt. I would use this merchant again for future purchases.
Renata, Massachusetts- 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 09-25-2014

I've never had a problem with my orders, and the prices are the lowest I've seen.

Chansoon, Texas - 1st Order with WebEyeStore09-16-2014

It was good overall. The customer service was prompt and clear.

Teri, Iowa - 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 06-19-2014

This was my 3rd order through Web Eye Store. My experience was wonderful. The most "user-friendly" purchase via internet website yet. Thank you.

Abraham, New York - 11th Order with WebEyeStore 05-08-2014
fast delivery, good prices, customer service responsive.
Scott, North Carolina - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore05-02-2014
I was pleased. Easy to order. I faxed my prescription to them and placed the order online. Contacts arrived quickly.

Kriss, Florida - 1st Order with WebEyeStore03-30-2014
We have been very pleased with Web Eye Store. Their service and product have been excellent. They respond promptly. I had my order in 7 days.

Paul, Wisconsin - 1st Order with WebEyeStore02-22-2014
I was very satisfied with my order experience from Web Eye Store. My items were in stock, priced right, and immediately shipped despite lag from current provider.

Jamie, California - 1st Order with WebEyeStore02-13-2014
Thank you Web Eye Store for the best prices! You have saved me from spending more than twice as much for my contacts!

Ricky, Montana - 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 11-14-2013

Easy shopping and great prices.

Marisa, Ohio - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 11-01-2013

I will surely use this website again. I used it for myself originally and this time am ordering for my son. I have even recommended your site to others.

David, New York - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 11-01-2013

Very nice website!

Rebecca, Florida - 4th Order with WebEyeStore 10-29-2013

Always satisfied with service and product.

Susan, Florida - 6th Order with WebEyeStore 10-29-2013

I believe the prices are fair, and service is good.

Elizabeth, Alabama - 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 10-26-2013

Purchased from them several times and will continue to do so. Great service and great prices.

Web Eye Store had the best price I could find and very good service.

George, California - 1st Order with WebEyeStore; 10-19-2011

Ronald, Lousiana - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 10-17-2013

Excellent value for the price. I can't wait to get my product. I will be looking to shop here in the future!

Dahwa, North Carolina - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 10-14-2013

WOW!! Really great work you guys are doing! I liked that I was able to choose between different shipping options and the pricing was very competitive :)

Daniel, Oregon - 10th Order with WebEyeStore 10-11-2013

Great service!

Ken, Oregon - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 10-06-2013

1/2 of my local ophthalmologist price.

Amy, Minnesota - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 10-04-2013

Great experiences always. Keep up the good work.

Elizabeth, Indiana - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 09-30-2013

Easy to find product, great price, easy to order, AND accepts Paypal (a great big plus to me!!)

Marcia, Massachusetts - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 09-30-2013

Great store, great prices, very user-friendly shopping here. No rejection of phone numbers due to format, my state name was not misspelled, and PayPal was accepted here.

Kimberly, Illinois - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 09-30-2013

I looked at other sites but I feel a more trust worthy feeling with your online store.

Heidi, Vermont - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 09-30-2013

I like how low your prices are compared to others. I will keep Web Eye in mind for others.

Juan, New Jersey - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 09-29-2013

Cheapest contact store online, yet for the same great service.

Tracey, North Carolina - 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 09-27-2013

Great to work with. Always order our contacts through them...quick delivery and great price.

Damaris, Florida - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 09-23-2013

Web Eye Store is the best to buying contact lenses, they have the best prices.

Jean, North Carolina - 4th Order with WebEyeStore 09-20-2013

Awesome company to deal with; great prices; fast shipping if prescription info is made available or faxed; can't ship w/o it, of course! At least my fourth order placed with Web Eye Store. Best for lenses!

Ashley, Pennsylvania - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 09-02-2013

I love how affordable you are, this is my second year purchasing contacts from your website. I will never go with another site but yours. Thanks! Fast delivery and great prices..who would shop anywhere else? Not me! Thanks again.

BrettAyn, California - 6th Order with WebEyeStore 08-30-2013

I keep returning to Web Eye Store because they have the lowest prices and their site is the easiest to use...

Lee, Arizona - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 08-19-2013

I am thrilled to have found this online store in my google search for contacts. Their prices are less than half of what I paid at (where I had purchased in the past). I have already sent the link to my friends and urged them to take a look before their next purchase. Thank you!

Sarah, Wisconsin - 4th Order with WebEyeStore 08-10-2013

They have what I need at a great price!

Jennifer, Florida - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 08-04-2013

Best price easy purchase

Karalynn, Virginia - 4th Order with WebEyeStore 06-22-2013

WES offers the cheapest prices I can find on my contacts. I have ordered from them twice before and have never been disappointed. The website is easy to navigate and I know exactly how much I'm spending before I check out.

Mark, Maryland - 5th Order with WebEyeStore 06-06-2013

I am extremely happy.

Joseph, North Carolina - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 05-26-2013

Very Good place to get contacts for a good price.

Adrianne, Texas - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 05-09-2013

I am really pleased with my order since there was free delivery and the cost beat Walmart who I received my previous order from for the same item.I especially liked that my order was verified prior to being billed from my account. And after 2 weeks of wearing my contacts I am satisfied with the prescription and the comfort of my contacts.

Clevis, New Jersey - 6th Order with WebEyeStore 05-05-2013

I love how easy it is to order my contacts from thanks guys & gals ^_^

Aileen, New York - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 05-03-2013

Fast, easy, inexpensive.

Olivia, New York - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 04-25-2013

This is my second time ordering from your business. I have to say that not only are your prices the cheapest that I have come across, but your site is easy to navigate and has given me an all around fabulous experience... each time.

Marcus, Washington - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 04-20-2013

Great prices. Lowest on the internet. Thank you!

Kristi, Arizona - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 04-05-2013

Great prices! I went w/ your business because, although your prices were the same as another business from which I usually buy my contact lenses, your shipping options were better (read lower priced). Thank you!

Alfredo, Nevada - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 04-05-2013

I am really happy that my contacts were close to $100 cheaper at the Web Eye Store than anywhere else.

Vicky, California - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 03-25-2013

Their prices are among the best around for contact lenses and the ones I received don't expire until 09/2013!! (Important if you need to return/exchange them) Delivery is exceptionally quick...... I wear a Toric lens and have had to wait 1 to 2 weeks at every other web store I've used. Also, return policy is good...... you have up to 30 days for exchange or refund if you change your mind, AND, if your prescription changes, they'll exchange any unopened boxes up to 12 months prior to their expiration date!

Franziska, Texas - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 03-24-2013

I love this web site, I always order from here because they have the best prices!!!!

Michael, Washington - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 03-23-2013

Good prices and easy to use website.

Jay, New Jersey - 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 03-23-2013

Web Eye Store website is very easy, user friendly and lens price is very competitive.

Raja, Illinois - 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 03-22-2013

Contacts when ordered come exactly in the time period stated. Quality of product is perfect. Web Eye Store is definitely reliable!

Barbara, Texas - 5th Order with WebEyeStore 03-21-2013

I love Web Eye Store!

Shauna, Wisconsin - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 03-02-2013

I am surprised at the reduced price of the contacts that I ordered. I can't believe that the same contacts at my doctor's office cost $80 more!

Laura, Illinois - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 03-01-2013

Best prices I could find on the web.

Elena, New Jersey - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 03-01-2013

Very satisfied!

Lin, California - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 02-02-2013

It's my second time to purchase my contact lenses through Web Eye Store. Will probably come back next year since it provides really competitive price.

Laura, Washington - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 01-19-2013

They offered great prices and delivered the product on time. Can't ask for anything else.

Gloria, Texas - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 01-16-2013

Ordering was quick & easy at a great price

Sergio, California - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 01-15-2013

Web Eye Store saved me time and money. Plus their site is very convenient to fill my families optical needs.

Marsha, Florida - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 12-29-2012

The contacts which I purchased on this site was very smooth. I did not have any trouble ordering my contacts and will continue to use these services to order my contacts in the future.

Sadia, New Mexico - 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 12-28-2012

Great service and outstanding prices. Extremely satisfied and will definitely order again.

Jonathan, Michigan - 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 12-28-2012

I appreciate Webeyestore's ease of use. Thank you for providing a valuable service.

Tracy, North Carolina - 3rd Order with WebEyeStore 12-27-2012

Easy ordering and received what I ordered in a timely manner.

Deborah, Oklahoma - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 12-27-2012

Good price, nice service:)

Sajan, Connecticut - 2nd Order with WebEyeStore 12-21-2010

Very reliable. Chat service helps with technical questions and fill in orders.

Janell, Virginia - 1st Order with WebEyeStore 11-29-2012

I found your site to be very easy to maneuver through and you had a great selection of contacts for the lowest prices!! I will definitely be using this site many more times for all my contact purchases!!