How To Get Fitted For Contact Lenses

So, you decided to try on the contact lenses, but where to start?  Well, certainly the right place is your eye doctor's office. If you are interested in or already wear contact lenses, make sure you say so when you schedule your appointment for an eye exam. While there, you will need to go through vision test, and some additional tests such as an evaluation of your eye's surface, so that your eye doctor can make sure you receive a proper contact lens fitting.

You will first undergo a routine eye exam in which your eye doctor will use a bright light and a magnification lens to view and assess the structure of your eyes.  Your eye doctor will also use drops to check the health of your eyes. A standard visual acuity test will be given to determine your ability to see letters or numbers on an eye chart. If you do require vision correction, then the eye doctor will determine the corrective lens prescription that will give you the best vision.