Wearing Schedules For Contact Lenses

First-time users are often puzzled by the abundance of various types of contact lenses: daily, weekly, hard, soft, -- so which one is best?  Well, the answer truly is "It depends on you" and on WHAT YOUR EYE DOCTOR THINKS IS MOST APPROPRIATE TO YOU.  Everyone has a different lifestyle and to reflect this, there are different wearing schedules for contact lenses:


Daily Disposable Lenses

Daily soft disposable contact lenses are worn for a day and then thrown away. The is no need for solutions to clean them, although it is worth having some saline to rinse them once they have been temporarily removed should the eye become irritated. Under no circumstances should these lenses be used for more than a day. These lenses are usually more expensive if worn every day, but they are ideal for sport and occasional wear.


Bi Weekly Disposable Lenses

Bi Weekly soft disposable contact lenses are worn daily for up to a two weeks and must be removed each night and cleaned with the solutions recommended by your contact lens practitioner. They are now the most popular type of soft lenses.


Monthly / Extended Wear Lenses

Monthly soft disposable lenses offer the comfort and convenience of up to 30 days of wear.  Some must be removed for the night, and some offer continuous wear.  There are also some soft disposable contact lenses which are good for 3 or more months of wear.  These lenses are generally more expensive but are ideal for people with busy life styles, athletes, young adults etc.


Yearly Lenses

This schedule of soft contact lens wear is becoming less common although some specialty lenses are usually available in this form. The lenses must be removed each night and cleaned in a way recommended by your contact lens practitioner.
So you can choose from many different kinds of lenses - just be sure to follow your doctors advice, carefully follow FDA-prescribed wearing schedule and enjoy your lenses!