Our Price Match Guarantee

How does Web Eye Store price–match guarantee work?

If you find a lower price on a factory-fresh identical product at an established US website that is an authorized seller of this product, just call us with this lower price when you buy the product at Web Eye Store, and we will match the price.

Which products does Web Eye Store price match?

Almost everything we sell, other than the special order lenses (designated as "Made-To-Order", "Made To Order", "MTO", "XR" and,or "Custom" on our website). The items must be identical, including brand, make, type, packaging, prescription parameters, and must be in original selling condition. The item must be in stock and available for purchase at that price from an established authorized US-based online reseller.

Which products are not available for price match?

We do not price match clearance, close-out, out-of-warranty, generic, substitute or private label products. We do not price match websites which conduct their business not in accordance with federal rules and procedures on contact lens dispensing. We do not price match taxes and typographical errors, as well as competitors' prices that result from a price match.

How do Web Eye Store discounts, coupons and rebates affect price match?

When calculating a price match, we will deduct any available Web Eye Store discounts, rebates, promotions (including Free Shipping promotion) and coupons to arrive at a price which we compare with competitor’s offer. If another website’s price is quoted after available manufacturer discount, we will deduct such manufacturer discount as well. If the price quoted on another site is applicable to specific quantities of products, we will only price match your purchase of the same quantities.

Will Web Eye Store match another website’s price after discount or rebate, or with free or discounted item?

We will match another website’s final price you pay at the point of purchase after deducting an instant rebate or discount, excluding mail-in, one-time, introductory or personal rebates and discounts. If another website offers a product that comes with a free or discounted item that we do not carry, we will only match the price you pay at the point of purchase and will not take the free or discounted item into account.

For a price match or to find out more about our price match policy, email or call us at the address below. This policy is subject to change without notice.  Updated as of January 30, 2012.