Top Ten Reasons To Buy From Web Eye Store®

Welcome to Web Eye Store®! Yes, we have the lowest prices of all authorized contact lens sellers - but that is just one of the reasons why repeat customers constitute almost 50% of our volume.

1. Same Exact Contact Lenses As From Your Eye Care Professional

We do not sell generics or substitutes. Only brand-names. All the time.

We will never sell to you any generics or substitute. We know how difficult it can be to find a brand you like and are comfortable wearing. And we also know that no one can make Acuvues better than Johnson & Johnson, and PureVision - better than Bausch & Lomb. So we only carry the same exact contacts from the original manufacturers as you would get from your doctor's or optician's office - or even if you bought from Acuvue yourself (well, you can't, but we do it for you!). We guarantee you quality and authenticity on each and every pair of lenses!

2. Factory-Fresh Unexpired Contacts Under Warranty

We don't sell off-warranty or expiring contacts. NEVER.

Worried about buying contacts on the internet which are past the expiration date or expiring soon? Never will happen with us. We are the authorized reseller of Acuvues, Extreme H2O and other major brands, and receive our products directly from them or the leading distributors. We will never take from the vendor or ship to you a product that is close to expiration. Lenses we sell usually have a good number of years left on them. We run a very tight "just-in-time" inventory, and many products are reshipped to you days or sometimes minutes after we receive them. No need to worry about your lenses' freshness!

3. Fast Free Shipping And No Processing Fees Of Any Kind

At Web Eye Store shipping of contact lenses orders over $99 is free

Buying contact lenses on the internet is economical and convenient. But who likes paying for shipping? Or even worse, having some mysterious "processing fee" added to your cart at the last moment? That is why Web Eye Store® will NEVER charge you extra processing fees, and shipping is FREE on all orders over $99. We will use USPS, FedEx or UPS to get your lenses to you, complete with the tracking number and our satisfaction guarantee. We will package your lenses carefully so that they would not get damaged in transit. You do not even need to use any coupon codes - simply add $99 or more of qualifying products to your cart, and select Free Shipping from the drop down. If you do not see Free Shipping option, then our shopping cart will tell how much more you need to add to the cart, in order to meet the $99 minimum. That's all!

4. Satisfaction Guarantee And Prescription Changes

Not comfortable in your contacts? Need a different prescription? Just send it back.

Yes, we know, sometimes people change their mind. Maybe your new brand of contacts is not as comfortable as the old one. Or maybe your eye doctor just gave you a different contact lens prescription altogether. In any case, you will not be stuck with the contacts you do not want, if you buy from Web Eye Store. If your prescription changes, you can exchange the sealed boxes of unexpired contacts at any time. And if you want to return your unopened lenses for any other reason, we give you 30 days to do that too! Does it get any easier than that?

5. Licensed Eye Care Professional Supervised

We go extra mile to verify your prescription. Because we care.

We verify each and every contact lens prescription which you will order from us. First, we are required to do so by law - and in the US, you must have a valid contact lens prescription in order to buy from us. But, second, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to you to ensure that you get the right contacts. Every script you send us is reviewed by a New York State licensed optician. We will contact your doctor if we need to verify it with them. We will help you understand your prescription if you are new to contact lenses. And guess what? Sometimes even doctors make mistakes, and then we help them fix those!

6. Not Just "Low Cost." "Low, Low Cost."

No other established seller of contact lenses can beat us on price.

We do not sell generics. We do not sell off-warranty products. So we will not compete with those "fly-by-night" vendors who do. But of everyone who is doing things right by their customers, we got the prices to beat! We are very efficient in our operations, and have low overhead - so we pass our savings on to you. We do not think there is anyone cheaper than us, but if you find any good seller with better prices - let us know. We will match them. And best of all - every time you place an order, you accrue MyRewards points, making stuff even cheaper when you come back next time!

7. All Leading Contact Lens Brands

95% of soft contact lens wearers use the brands we sell.

Acuvues by Vistakon (Johnson & Johnson), PureVision by Bausch & Lomb, Air Optix by CIBA Vision - we got them all. Whatever brand your doctor prescribed, we probably have it at Web Eye Store. These brands have built a reputation for themselves as combining the most cutting edge technology for greatest wearing comfort with the highest quality and consumer safety. All of them are FDA approved and eye doctor recommended. We would not want any other way - for your protection!

8. Vision Care Product Expertise

We really know our products. And want to share with you.

Most contact lens wearers need more than just a retailer for their contact lens refills. We get asked all sorts of things about contact lenses: How to read the prescription? How many boxes to order for a year supply? Where to find a doctor in the area to get fitted for a particular brand? And we are every time happy to help - or refer to an eye care professional who can answer them better. We can even arrange for a discount on your eye exam with affiliated optometrists nationwide. It helps to be friends and partners with a bunch of eye doctors, you know!

9. Secure Shopping Cart And Privacy Protection

Our site is encrypted, and your privacy is protected at all times.

We use one of the leading e-commerce solutions, which complies with the credit card industry requirements for secure card processing. We also teamed up with GeoTrust to encrypt our site with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) - the safest way to protect your personal data and payment information that you enter on our site. And we will never sell or give your personal information to anyone. Feel safe when shopping with Web Eye Store!

10. Convenience, Precision & Simplicity

We do what you ask us, when you ask us, and how you ask us. And we try not to screw up.

Our shopping cart is easy to use, and was refined using the feedback of other customers like yourself. We will help you reorder and copy your prescription, and will remind you when your prescription expires. We use the advanced technology to process your order - making no mistakes in more than 97% of cases. And when we do make those rare mistakes, we fix them right away and free of charge.

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